Biggest Threat To Our Privacy

The media focuses on the potential for the government to invade our messaging privacy. It’s probably more realistic for the vast majority of us to be more worried about what might happen to our messages in the hands of our friends, associates and relatives.   There are a ton of websites devoted to funny and embarrassing texts, drunk texts, break-up texts or really inappropriate ones that you wish you could get back.  Personally, I know I hope I never see one of my messages on one of those sites.    Personal and business relationships are constantly evolving, and now with DatChat you have the power to have conversations that last forever, and then make them disappear whenever you want…YOU ARE IN TOTAL CONTROL.

DatChat Messenger with total privacy control for both individual and group messages is the first   messenger that always gives you the option to erase or change how long your messages last on the other person’s phone.   It doesn’t matter if you set your messages to last forever or automatically self-destruct, because at any time each sender can wipe them off the recipient’s phone or give them more time.   Senders can choose to change the rights to a single message or destruct all of their messages at the same time.

Messaging Rights Management Platform:  Patent pending technology allows senders to set a message to last forever, or automatically self-destruct after a certain number of views.  At any time a sender can wipe texts off a recipient’s phone or give the recipient more time to view the message.

“Nuke” a Conversation:  Users can even opt to Nuke messages, which erases both sides of the conversation on both the sender and recipient’s devices.

Encryption: All DatChat messages are encrypted with AES256 for the message and RSA for the key to ensure your messages are only seen by you and your intended recipients.  Each message is individually encrypted for the recipient and cannot be forwarded or saved.  Additionally, all messages are sent and received via a SSL connection and can never be viewed by DatChat under any circumstance.

Screenshot Protection: DatChat’s Patent Pending   protection mode makes it nearly impossible to screenshot a secret picture or message.  Also, the sender receives notifications when someone attempts to screenshot protected or regular self-destructing messages.

DatChat is available for free on the iTunes app Store







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