Erase Both Sides of Your Conversation

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Dat Chat Messenger

DatChat Messenger Launches; Offers the Next Generation of Safe Messaging

New Safe Texting and Privacy App Features Unlimited Message Control, Screenshot Protection, Self-Destructing Messages and a “Nuke” Option which Offers the Ability to Erase Both Sides of a Conversation at Any Time


New Brunswick, NJ (April 14, 2016) – DatChat Inc. today announced the availability of DatChat Messenger, offering an unprecedented level of privacy control for both individual and group messages.  DatChat Messenger is the first privacy messaging app that provides the option to dictate how long sent messages are accessible on the recipient’s phone.  It is also the first to offer a “Nuke” option, which will erase both sides of a conversation on both the sender and recipient’s devices.


DatChat Messenger gives senders a new level of privacy and control through its customizable messaging settings.  Senders can set a message to last forever, or automatically self-destruct after a certain number of views.  At any time a sender can wipe texts off a recipient’s phone or give the recipient more time to view the message.  Senders can choose to change the rights to a single message or destruct all of their messages at once.  Additional features include the ability to remain anonymous, prevent screenshots and hide pictures behind preview images on the camera roll and in the messaging stream.


“Whether online dating or texting a colleague, we’ve all had those moments when we’ve regretted sending a message or we simply want to make sure it isn’t seen by the wrong person,” said Darin Myman, co-founder and CEO of DatChat Inc. “In addition to DatChat’s unique privacy features, users don’t have to deal with the annoyance of having a conversation one disappearing message at a time.  DatChat offers a traditional messaging experience without giving up control of shared messages and pictures.”


DatChat Messenger includes the following features:


  • Self-Destructing Messages: The sender decides how many times pictures or messages can be viewed before they self-destruct. Also, the sender can dictate how many views are left or erase the content at any time.  Users can even opt to Nuke messages, which erases both sides of the conversation on both the sender and recipient’s devices.


  • Hide in Plain Sight: Senders can hide pictures and information on the camera roll, hidden and encrypted behind other pictures. Only the cover photo can be seen in plain sight.


  • Screenshot Protection: DatChat features a protection mode which makes it nearly impossible to screenshot a secret message. Also, the sender receives notifications when someone attempts to screenshot protected or regular self-destructing messages.


  • Without a Trace: Messages vanish without a trace when they reach a view limit or are manually destructed, and are deleted forever. DatChat Inc. employees can never access messages.


  • Powerful Privacy: Every message sent is double encrypted and can only be viewed by the sender and the intended recipient.


  • Fast, Safe and Easy: It is easy to send and control messages. Camraflage is DatChat’s patent-pending technology that hides a message behind a decoy cover photo. Camraflage messages can be sent via encrypted messages using the direct messaging built into DatChat, iMessage or email.


  • Message Security: Only the sender and intended recipients can view messages — they cannot be forwarded to anyone else. While on the DatChat servers, they cannot be viewed by anyone because only the sender has the key.


  • Multiple Accounts:  Senders can have multiple accounts with friends, messages and secret pictures only visible when logged in to that respective account.


  • Anonymity: No phone number, email or personal information required.  All users need is a screen name to send a message.


DatChat is a free app available at the App Store for iPhones and iPads or at


DatChat Inc. was founded in 2015 by a team dedicated to creating a messaging platform that always provides privacy, control and security.


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